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Make entertaining a breeze with these 15 best raw desserts that are sure to wow your guests. These raw desserts are so healthy, bet your guests won’t know any different, plus they are all gluten, dairy and refined sugar.

photo of four of my 15 best raw desserts

Making raw desserts is a big passion of mine. I love experimenting with different ingredients and flavours to make the perfect raw dessert.

So far I have used different food grade essential oils, different sweeteners, gluten free flour alternatives, various types of raw nuts and other unique ingredients, like green tea matcha powder.


  • Either a food processor or high speed blender
  • Slice pan (either silicon or standard)
  • Mini muffin tray (either silicon or standard)
photo of five of my 15 best raw desserts

15 Best Raw Desserts



  1. What can i use instead of cocoa powder for chocolate topping on some of the slices cause ive done it before and top is so bitter

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