I’m Ness and my love of cooking and sharing food and food ideas is in my blood!

I have Italian, Maltese, and Egyptian heritage, and a love of preparing food from fresh and whole ingredients and connecting with family and friends over meals has been passed down to me, from many generations of passionate foodies. I share this passion with my children – Giselle & Joshua.


After a career in Human Resources (and always with the nagging feeling like something was “missing”), and desperately needing a change, I began studying nutritional medicine when I was pregnant with Giselle.

The biggest reason was because I had battled health issues over the years and I wanted to teach my children about health & wellness.

During my studies, I started to adapt recipes into healthier versions to suit our needs – lots of “family favourite recipes” like butter chickencaramel slice, and coconut rough.

I knew I had to share what I was learning about food providing “nutritional medicine” to help people’s state of health and well-being, and to share the more “healthy versions” of the family friendly recipes I was creating…and “Becomingness” the home of healthy and easy to make recipes that your entire family will enjoy – was birthed in 2014!


  • 250 RECIPES – with many of them ticking dietary requirements. I have predominately been making gluten-free and dairy-free recipes over the years, however, from time to time you may see dairy or gluten in some of my recipes.
  • DIETARY OPTIONS – many of my recipes also suit other dietary requirements like nut-free, egg-free, paleo, keto, low-carb, vegan & vegetarian.
  • EASY TO MAKE – my recipes are easy to make with ingredients that you will find in your local supermarket, health food shop, food market or online.
  • TRIED & TESTED – all of my recipes have been thoroughly tested over the years. I do update a recipe if I improve on it and I also include lots of alternatives.


I also have a passion for photography and I have been studying a Diploma of Photography and Digital Imaging for the past few years. In addition to photographing my recipes, I also love taking photos of my children (who doesn’t :P) and photos of places I visit and the city I live in – Brisbane!

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